Do It Yourself

new products laboratory

from an idea to the global hardware startup

What is DIY Lab?

Non-commercial organization to support the inventors and entrepreneurs XYZ age


All you need for prototyping: working space, laptops, electronics, 3D printers, vacuum forming machine, robot constructors, drone etc. Gameroom is there as well.


Training program from the experts and entrepreneurs will help you to understand the specifics of a global hardware startup creation and increase your chances for success.


Practical workshops Internet of things kitchen, Electronics for the startups and Crowdfunding Hacks will help to figure out the best solutions for your prototype and organize your crowdfunding campaign in a smart way.


We're ready to provide individual mentorship for each project. Morover, working in the same space with the startups accelerated within IoT Hub is giving a great opportunity for the experience and ideas exchange.

Which ideas you can realize in DIY Lab

Everything you can touch. Eveything what is solving someone's issue.

Smart gadgets (IoT)



Smart clothe, shoes, furniture

Energy-efficient house

Lifehacks and crazy staff

Residents DIY Lab

Your way on DIY Lab


Apply and tell us about yourself, your skills and motivation to join us.

DIY Idea pitch

Get an invitation and present an idea you want to realize here to mentors.

Start of work

You're in DIY Lab! Now you have 3-6 month to realize your idea, cool workplace, any tools and mentorship

Demo Day

Product demo. For the best projects - investments and acceleration invitation to IoT Hub Accelerator

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